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Automatically control whole production line by frequency converter, Servo system, operating panel and other electric components.


-    Modern switch cabinets(made by Rittal). If requested, the air cooling system(dry and free from dust) can be supplied, so as to keep it constant temperature;

-    The locally installed  control desks, touch operation panel, main operation functions is achieved by touch, pushbuttons and option switch, and the other function, such as rotary direction, overfeeds of rolls, gap of metering rollers, all can be real-time monitored and adjusted on operation panel;

-    Local operation panels matched with below single machines:

-    Touch panel or operating panel unwinder;

-    Touch panel impregnator;

-    Terminal boxes entrance of air flotation dryer;

-    Touch panel gravure roll coater;

-    Operating panel rewinder;

-    Central panel rotary sheeter;

-    Control panel belt stacker system(double side);

-    Operating panels are equipped with touchpad(Siemens HMI);

-    All of AC gear-motor by SEW or Lenze.

The control of the lines is realized by the programmable logic control automation unit SIMATIC S7-1500 (By Siemens).

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