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Furniture Surfaces (LPL)
LPL boards have the largest application in the furniture market. Melamine decorative papers are used in the production of LPL.
Schentel Impregnation line ensure high speed, minimum energy and raw materials cost and best product performances. As well as match your production needs from 20 to 120 million sqm. per year.

Laminate Flooring (LPL)
Laminate flooring is made of backing papers, overlay papers and decorative papers. Our special scatter coater applies corundum(Al2O3) on the paper web. Our lines are equipped with synchronous cutting system to cut on printed mark with the maximum accuracy and making sheets ready for embossing-in-register.
Schentel is designed modular to contribute the different market requirements.


HPL panels are mainly used for work tops, laboratory surfaces, window sills, drill boards and other final products, while CPL panels are applied on curved surfaces. Our lines ensure perfect resin penetration and even distribution on decorative paper to get the highest quality.
Schentel had tailored solutions for phenolic resin and melamine paper impregnation.


Compact Boards (HPL)

For the impregnation of core paper with phenolic resins for compacts. We have rotary sheeter enable speeds up to 150 m/min and automatic stack changing to be carried out, as well as reliably and without product wastage.
Schentel and our affiliated companies supplies the complete technology for each customers, including resin technology, additives and mixing systems, paper loading, . The complete package can be commissioned by ourself for a trouble-free entry into the industry.



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